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Why Are Electronic Cigarettes the “Greener” Choice?

Tobacco cigarettes are perhaps, one of the most un-green habits one could pick up. On so many levels they contradict every possible natural, clean, and pure way to live. For each individual body, and the entire earth as a whole, cigarettes have contributed nothing positive. Thankfully, because of our ever evolving, ever expanding ability to utilize technology, e-cigarettes have begun to make a very dramatic presence, and are successfully replacing tobacco. Here is a little insight regarding how vapor cigarettes are taking nicotine to the next level.

Cigarettes are made with so many chemicals, and are proven to cause cancer, and other deadly illnesses. These chemicals that get mixed into the filters remain long after the cigarette has been smoked, and the most common place a butt ends up is on the ground. The enormity of pollution caused by cigarettes is staggering, and extremely widespread. On the ground, they contaminate soil and water, when they reach bodies of water, not only do they pollute them with their chemicals, they become a serious hazard to wildlife who often ingest them.

Then there is the issue of smoke, which reeks havoc on a variety of levels, starting with the individual who smokes the cigarette. The second hand smoke it produces is a danger to those in close proximity, and eventually that smoke contributes to air pollution. Have you ever been inside of a building with very little ventilation, where smoking was permitted? Do you recall how unnervingly repulsive it was? Do you recall not being able to see clearly, because it created such a haze? How the smell, awful, right? Fortunately, smoking is generally not permitted in doors in many public places, and for these very reasons.

Think about it; anything that affects a high quality of living is not “green.” Smoke and tobacco will kill you, make you sick, cost a fortune, make you smell bad, and inconvenience you over and over till you can’t take it anymore! Electronic cigarettes are the future, and the eco friendly way to indulge in nicotine pleasures because they add luxury to the experience. They remove all the negatives, and allow only positives. No pollution, no health consequences, no bad odors… Don’t you just want an e-cig starter kit right about now?

Alternative Cigarette Technology

EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are among the most technologically advanced on the market. Users love them for their exquisite detailing, excellent working abilities, and as a really great alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Technology is such an incredible thing in this case where it has been utilized to create a method where smokers can get nicotine in an alternate manner, without actually using tobacco and smoke. EverSmoke has created a fantastic e-cigarette model, and has used this technology to make the finest around. The result is a realistic, satisfying, and ultimately pleasurable experience. One of the essential components behind the design are the batteries. They are considered the longest lasting alternative cigarette batteries, being lithium-polymer. Being the main source of power and the heart of the device, having the best quality battery is so important to the e-cigarette. Many e-cigarette users who have tried EverSmokes after using other brands are amazed by the battery performance and the vapor it subsequently produces. Because the battery is rechargeable, it reduces waste and is absolutely more cost effective than disposable models. Having plenty of charging options with the wall charger, car adapter, USB port charger, personal charging case, customers are given every possibility to conveniently keep their batteries ready to go. As an after note, having three colors and three sizes gives customers plenty of options for customizing.

Another facet of the design in terms of technology, are the cartridges. While many brands keep the atomizer and cartridge as separate entities, combining them into a single piece has several benefits. First, a 2-part construction is easier to use and set up. Secondly, considering that the atomizer is one of the most delicate parts, and is susceptible to wear and tear at a much faster degree than other parts of the e-cig, designing the atomizer into the cartridge allows for consistent vapor, flavor, and nicotine. Each time the cartridge is replaced, so is the atomizer. Using the technology of VaporMax, each cartridge is guaranteed to create excellent amounts of vapor, and incredibly delicious flavor.

The silicon tip mouthpiece is an amazing detail because it ensures no leakage, as well as a comfortable position as one vapes. The other end features a spectacular, yet entirely realistic inverted crystal end, which lights with an orange LED light when used.

These are just some of the aspects that make EverSmoke e-cigarettes amazing when it comes to using modern technology. If you are curious, and want to experience the pleasure yourself, take advantage of the 30-day, money back guarantee! You won’t be disappointed!

E-Cigarettes Are Socially Responsible!

Electronic cigarettes have done numerous things to turn the tobacco industry on it’s side, toppled over. One really important aspect is on the subject of being socially responsible. Tobacco, for the past century, has been among the most socially irresponsible of industries, having claimed approximately 100 million lives, all the while using massive marketing to acquire youthful prospects. Who will, in turn, most likely become lifelong addicts. Age limits really mean nothing, when targeting young people specifically. Most people begin smoking during their teenage years, before it is even legal to purchase tobacco. How are they getting it? Obviously you can use your imagination to take a crack at it.

With EverSmoke, like any nicotine related product, one must be above the age of 18, (19 in some places) to purchase. You will never see very young, and borderline looking teens advertising our e-cigarettes. We feature realistic imagery, with models representing users’ ages from those in their 20′s to senior citizens. Our testimonials are submitted by our actual users, who run the gamut in terms of age, but are not under 18.

As cigarette smoking is often started because youngsters feel it is a cool thing to do, e-cigarettes have a much different allure to them. Many smokers turn to them to get away from the smoke, without having to abandon their love of the feeling of nicotine. Some use them because they allow them to lessen their nicotine intake by gradually decreasing the strength in their e-cig cartridges.

At EverSmoke, we committed to responsibility on all levels. We know we are providing excellent products, in quality and substance, and we don’t have to go hunting for impressionable minors to get hooked. Our clientele grows daily because smokers are looking for valid alternatives. We pride ourselves for selling electronic cigarettes and other products that serve a beneficial service, and empower people to live healthier lives. We offer people the ability to have all the things they love about cigarettes, physiologically, psychologically, and physically, without the negative attributes that come with smoke and tobacco. Here’s to doing the responsible thing always!

E-Cigarettes May Boost Memory?

E-cigarettes are only beginning to be researched in depth, and some of the latest research to have been published is pretty amazing. It’s the little things that count the most, and positive side effects that were not apparent at first are really wonderful. Nicotine has always been known to have a major psychological effect, however much research has not be performed on how the brain reacts to the nicotine from electronic cigarettes. In a recent study performed in April of this year, findings  have concluded that they can be quite useful in reducing cravings when quitting cigarettes, all the while improving memory.

While the tobacco companies and plenty of naysayers seek to trash the e-cigarette industry, more and more research is being done on them. Some of the latest news comes from Britan, where Dr. Lynne Dawkins, from the University of East London has presented extensive research on how e-cigarettes impact users. The results revealed many interesting finds, particularly on their effectiveness. The e-cig brands used during the study were not disclosed, but nonetheless it is all on the positive for legitimacy.

There were 85 male and female participants in the study, all of whom were regular smokers. Each participant was given an e-cigarette with nicotine, without nicotine, or an e-cigarette that was just to be held only without using it. The first part of the study was timed for 5 minutes, of which they were to use the device as much as they wanted. Afterwards, they took a survey that asked specific questions regarding mood and cravings. Later on, they were given 20 minutes of usage, and the questionnaire was repeated. During the next portion, 60 members of the study participated in a task that measured memory capacity after 10-15 minutes of vaping.

The results yielded some pretty interesting data. For instance, it was revealed that men and women were affected differently. The nicotine in the e-cig helped men more than women in handling cravings, and had a more significant impact on enhancing their moods. Women, on the other hand, showed a parallel in their response to both the  nicotine as well as the placebo.

The most impressive part of the research was the information relevant to smokers and their memory function. After and hour or two of smoking an e-cigarette, the smokers’ working memory was able to function without experiencing fluctuations, which are common in smokers who quit without the aid of an alternative form of nicotine. When smokers quit cold turkey, in the period of adjustment as their bodies become accustomed to being without nicotine, their working memory levels tend to drop significantly. For both women and men, electronic cigarettes were beneficial at lessening the issue.


E-Cigarettes: Do Not DIY!

Lately in the E-cigarette world, there has been much discussion among users about concocting at home, do-it-yourself e-liquid for using in their electronic cigarette devices. While we never, ever want you to spend any more money than necessary, please, please, please do not follow this trend! Whether it is to save a few dollars, or the “inconvenience” of having to order your cartridge refills, when it comes to e-liquid, you are much better off ordering from a reputable, high-quality company, (i.e.- EverSmoke).

There are a multitude of reasons making your own nicotine liquid can be dangerous. For instance, you may not be aware, but nicotine is highly toxic in seemingly small quantities. Just by mere milligrams, nicotine is extremely potent. It can be harmful upon skin contact, as well as in the surrounding air. Unless you are a trained, experienced professional who is   qualified to handle dangerous and toxic substances, making e-liquid is not in the territory of the average e-smoker. Protective clothing must always be worn, and extreme precautions must be heeded in disposing of articles that have into contact with it. And then there are the additional agents contained in the e-liquids which are extremely flammable, and must be accounted for, too. If you are using e-cig models that you refill yourself, and are having issues, look at why these problems have arose. Is the e-liquid too costly? Is it too much of a bother to be refilling it yourself? Before you endanger yourself trying to cut corners and save time, consider some better options.

While EverSmoke’s line of highly advanced e-cigarettes do not require users to refill with liquid, many other brands do. Our’s feature a 2 part construction, and uses a pre-filled cartridge. When this cartridge no longer emits vapor, it is considered to be through. There are several benefits to this design, as it requires less effort from users, and does not require them to mess around with quantities of nicotine solution. Our cartridges are built with atomizers directly within, and each time the cartridge is replaced, so is the atomizer. This ensures a steady vapor production, and an always fresh vapor. It also means that the nicotine has been safely placed, and is not posing and kind of threat.

While DIY may have worked with conventional tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs are way to advanced to mess around with in your kitchen!




Getting Ready for Summer With EverSmoke

Most smokers are used to doing almost everything while they smoke, and for them, pleasurable things are always better with nicotine. Summer means spending lots of time outdoors, with friends, and being free to really relax amidst the warmth that won’t be abundant in most of the country once autumn sets in. While cigarettes are losing popularity daily, e-cigarettes are totally geared up to take their place. This summer, no matter what you may be doing, consider trading your smoke for vapor.

At the beach electronic cigarettes are awesome because you won’t be contributing to the horrors of pollution by tossing your butts to the ground. You also won’t be polluting the airspace between you and the nonsmokers nearby. And in an indirect way, if you are one to be really active, and opt to play soccer or football on the beach, swim, or surf, not having harmful smoke in your body is a very good thing.

Summer concerts are always packed to the brim with smokers it seems, and now that e-cigs are more popular than ever, you can bet many of them will be filling the air with vapor, and not massive tobacco clouds. If you are going to outdoor concerts and festivals this summer, bring your e-cig, stash it in your Universal Carry Case, or wear it on our hot new Lanyard.

Vacations are meant to de-stress, but they can often have the opposite effect because f the hustling and bustling. Catching flights, dealing with rental cars and taxis, checking into hotels, securing all of your personal info; these things all take time and patience! With cigarettes getting banned in more and more places, don’t waste your time with them! Pack you e-cigs, and you’re set. Extra cartridges, chargers, a spare battery, and a Personal Charging Case are your e-cigarette essentials!

Summer is quickly approaching, and in many places, it has made its presence known already with very balmy temperatures. Whatever you have planned, don’t forget that electronic cigarettes can be an integral part of it! Whether you are going on a vacation, hitting the beach locally, spending evenings on the patio with friends, going to concert festivals, or just relaxing, electronic cigarettes just do it all better than traditional cigarettes!

Tobacco Crack Down in Miami!

If you live in Miami, here is just another reason electronic cigarettes are the future of nicotine enjoyment. With major bans being placed on tobacco products, you may want to consider e-cigs. With smokeless cigarettes form EverSmoke, you never have to worry about smoke and tobacco because they are totally nonexistent with these. And if you are into flavored tobacco, keep in mind that we have an extensive selection of delicious, amazing flavors, allowing you the ability to savor more than just the nicotine vapor. In short, you get all the pleasure, none of the side effects, and you will be breaking no laws with our e-cigarettes if you live in Miami!

Miami is taking teen smoking very seriously, and it is about time! While is is not legal to sell tobacco products to minors under the age of 18, it hasn’t stopped millions of teens over the years from using them. Last week, preliminary voting was conducted on an ordinance that bans flavored tobacco products, such as cigars and chewing tobacco, which are often the first tobacco products that teenagers get their hands on. The vote saw a 12-1 turnout, and hopefully will ultimately be successful in future tobacco restrictions. Most people who are adult tobacco smokers begin during their teenage years, and later on find it nearly impossible to end their habits.

Coming on the heels of a 2009 ban from the federal government which prohibited the sale of cigarettes which were candy-flavored, this ban in Miami-Dade seeks to pick up where that ban did not. While the ban has been in place for 3 years, it opened the doors for scandalous retailers to begin selling even more diverse flavors and varieties of cigars and chewing tobacco. Flavors that are not included on the ban however, are menthol, wintergreen, and mint.

The city of South Miami has already banned chewing tobacco sales altogether. Considering what a dangerous and addictive product it is, this should have occurred long ago. For decades, chewing tobacco has been a known cause of horrific cancers. It’s about time that action is finally being taken to keep this stuff from the hands of impressionable young people.

And while these bans specifically target the selling of tobacco products to and for minors, it must be repeated that EverSmoke will not tolerate sales to those under 18. Electronic cigarettes, as all nicotine products, are intended only for those above the minimum age requirement!

Here’s to happy E-Smoking, Miami!



Get Your E-Cigs for Memorial Day!

Gotta love Memorial Day sales! This year, EverSmoke is not only hosting a fabulous sale on our amazing electronic cigarette starter kits, but 5% of all profits are being donated to the USO. The starter kits will all be 25% off, making it the most perfect time to buy one! Whether you are new to electronic cigarettes, new to EverSmoke, are a current e-smoker who wants another kit, or want to give someone you know a starter kit, do it now!

While huge sales are happening at every retailer imaginable, the majority of those sales are benefitting only the company. It does seem kind of strange that a holiday meant to pay respect has been shifted to a consumerist day of mega sales at the mall. When you buy e-cigs from EverSmoke, during our Memorial Day sale, you can rest easy knowing that part of your purchase is going towards a non-profit program that directly benefits the troops. The USO, or United Service Organization is a wonderful resource for those in service. It has been around for decades, and serves to provide leisure and entertainment. You probably remember a whole variety of different “USO Shows” because they’ve always made big headlines, having been in World War II. Countless celebrities have honored our troops by performing for them at bases overseas during war. It is always with enormous gratitude that they appreciate those fleeting moments of entertainment, during times otherwise filled with the darkness of being at war. In this essence, the USO has been an invaluable organization, bringing great cheer to our soldiers, and it is an honor to support them as they support our heroes!

So this year, be conscious of the Memorial Day sales you partake in. If you are up for an e-cigarette starter kit, EverSmoke is doing right by our troops, and supporting them! Remember, this holiday was created to pay respect to our brave servicemen and women who have died while on duty, serving our country. A single day for remembrance, honoring our military heros, Memorial Day’s true meaning can often be forgotten in the planning of festivities. While no one is telling you to call off the bbq, and that you should instead be hitting up your local National Cemetery, it’s always a good idea to remember those who’ve given their lives for our country, and that Memorial Day is dedicated to them.



Goodbye, Smoky Odor!

One of the biggest positives of smoking electronic cigarettes, for smokers, is when they truly get to leave behind all of the disgusting smells that come with tobacco. Often, smokers do not even realize what an issue it is until they are free from it, but when they are it is hugely liberating.

Tobacco cigarettes are pretty nasty, and can leave lingering smells in your clothing or in your hair, on your skin, your hands, your breath, and anywhere you smoke that is not well ventilated. When you are the one carrying the odor around, it can get pretty embarrassing. Most people do not particularly care for the scent, and it really is not good manners to be forcing others to smell your funk! Would you walk out the door without deodorant or cologne? Would you lift your arms up, while wearing a tank top, in a crowded space after a vigorous workout in the summer? Definitely not. Same idea with smoke; no one wants to smell it! Same goes for smoker breath, and smelly clothing.

Smoking indoors is both unsafe and gross because of the way smoke accumulates. It is so pungent it can permeate fabrics, and seem impossible to diminish. It’s strength has the capacity to turn the color of walls in the same manner it does to a person’s teeth. And then, making matters worse, if the ventilation is not there, the smoke will just remain stagnant, getting stale. Try bringing your non-smoking date over in that atmosphere and you will probably never get them through the threshold again!

The beauty of e-cigarettes is that these gross scenarios never get created, whether you smoke them indoors or out. Entirely a perfect alternative to tobacco cigarettes, they are totally scentless when used. EverSmoke e-cigs produce a large, thick cloud of vapor that dissipates into the air when you “smoke” them, leaving not a trace of tar, ash, smoke, or any kind of chemical. Yes, it is as lovely as it sounds!

If you are switching over, give your home a proper deep cleaning. Make it as fresh as possible to totally wipe the cigarettes out of your life. Allow yourself to have a fresh, clean slate to welcome in a healthier, cleaner, more domesticated and hospitable way to get your nicotine! And for those wondering the simplest way to start? Get yourself an electronic cigarette starter kit!


Why Your Significant Other Wants You to Quit Cigarettes

If you are in a relationship, and your partner is not a smoker, surely there has been some discord on the subject. Smoking and nonsmoking are really two different lifestyles. However, like any challenge in a relationship, it can be overcome. E-cigarettes can help, however if you need some insight, here is a list of reasons your loved one wants to make your cigarette habit a thing of the past.

1. You smell. It doesn’t get more honest and blunt than that, but its true. Every couple I know where one member smokes and the other doesn’t, for the nonsmoker, the odor of smoke is a problem. It is a major turnoff, and can really be bothersome. Even the strongest and best colognes don’t do much to conceal it. Showering will, but it’s only a matter of time before another cigarette is smoked. In moments of closeness, it can really turn a sweet situation sour! This even extends to cigarette breath, which is a huge concern!

2. The habit itself. The smoker has to continuously excuse them self from whatever is going on to head outdoors to smoke. Whether it’s a regular activity, or a special occasion, it creates a pause in time spent together.

3. The high cost. No matter how independent you are, even in a relationship, cigarettes are a really expensive, detrimental habit. No one really has the right to tell another person what to do, and how to spend their money, but when you care for someone deeply, wouldn’t it bother you if you saw them wasting their cash on an addiction that was deadly? A pack-a-day smokers are shelling out around $40 weekly!

4. Most importantly, your health. No one wants to see their partner struggle with health issues. Most smokers have bad coughs, develop breathing problems, experience exacerbated complications from minor ailments like colds and the flu. Eventually fatal diseases and cancers are possible. Protecting your health is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself, and if your partner is on edge about your cigarette habit, your health is their main concern above all.

So, don’t be offended when you receive an electronic cigarette starter kit as a gift! Keep in mind all of the reasons listed above, and understand it is with total love and concern that a loved one would rather you smoke electric than tobacco! While they are not a means by which are designated for quitting smoking, they are a fabulous alternative. If you choose to quit nicotine altogether, good for you! But at least in the meantime, you can enjoy it sans the smoke!