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New Zealand Considers Making E-cigarettes Only Available in Pharmacies

Industry News & Headlines|

The New Zealand government is considering limiting the sale of e-cigarettes strictly to pharmacies. Opponents of medical controls feel that this would keep people from being able to access e-cigarettes, [...]

New Study Finds E-cigs Are Not a “Gateway” to Smoking for Teens

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We all know that e-cigs get a bad rap sometimes. Many people have raised concerns that the flavorful nicotine e-liquid is simply the first step on the way to smoking. However, new research may prove otherwise. […]

What’s the Deal with My Leaky Vaporizer?

E-Cigarette Vaporizers|

While it’s not the worst thing to happen while you’re vaping, leaks are pretty frustrating and disgusting. One minute you’re loving your custom e-liquid flavor and the next it’s all [...]

Taxes and Safety: A Conversation on Tracking Imported E-Cigarettes

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Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has begun speaking with the U.S. International Trade Commission about ways to track and report e-cigarette imports. E-cigarette imports aren’t currently tracked in their own separate category, rather they are categorized under ‘small electronic devices’. […]

Chasing Clouds: The Competitive Sport of Vaping

Cloud Chasers|

Advancements in e-cigarette technology have not only produced new, better and more long-lasting vaporizers, but it has also increased e-cigarette popularity. As activities become more popular, the natural progression is to show off one’s skill. This has led to what we in the vaping community call competitive cloud chasing. […]

Cigarette Smoke vs. Vapor Smoke – What’s the Difference?

Health & Safety|

You should never judge a book by its cover – or in this case, a smoker by the white/grey cloud coming out of his or her mouth. Even to a [...]

Does E-liquid Expire?

E-Liquid & Custom Blends|

Have you ever reached for a bottle of e-liquid and out of the corner of your eye you see that the expiration date has come and gone? UGH. You might tip it from side-to-side scanning for anything funky, or you might give it a quick sniff. […]

Cool Tips for Vaping in the Summer Heat

Vaping Tips & Tricks|

It’s summertime! Summer is a great season filled with beach vacations and other outdoor adventures. It’s also great weather for vaping as you take a long walk with your family, read in your hammock or tan at your favorite beach with your friends. […]

What Other Everyday Products Contain PG (Propylene Glycol)?

E-Liquid & Custom Blends|

If you are new to the idea of vaping or considering becoming a digital cig user, you may be unfamiliar with the term “propylene glycol” (better known as PG to vapers).  PG is one of four ingredients in digital cigarette e-juice, along with water, flavorings and nicotine.  This ingredient plays an important part of intensifying your tasty vaping experience and is responsible for what we call the throat hit. […]

7 Studies E-cig Haters Don’t Want People to See

Health & Safety|

A common problem raised about e-cigarettes is that there has been hardly any research conducted to know whether or not they are 100% safe. Well this isn’t entirely true… […]

5 Funky E-liquids To Spice Up Your Summer

E-Liquid & Custom Blends|

All vapers are familiar with the popular e-liquids out there, such as the ever-faithful, always refreshing menthol and tobacco flavors. Or maybe your go-to e-liquid is a fruity fun flavor [...]

It’s All About the Benefits! E-Cigs vs. Traditional

E-Cigarette Vaporizers|

Let’s face it, most people make decisions based on what benefits them the most.  Choosing between two products tends to rely on weighing out the pros and cons to see which fits your lifestyle best.  In the case of cigarette smoking, many people today are realizing that there are countless benefits of choosing electronic smoking alternative over traditional cigarettes and they are deciding to make the switch to e-cigs. […]

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