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Success Story: Justin Taniss

Here is one of our most recent success stories from a happy customer. We love getting feedback from our users, and especially when we hear about how much products have helped to improve their quality of life. If you are using EverSmoke electronic cigarettes, please feel free to tell us all about your experiences! We aim to please, and are always excited to know when we’ve accomplished that! Without further ado, here is Justin’s Story!

Hi everyone, my name is Justin. I have been with EverSmoke now for about 4 months, and just had to let you guys know how much of a fan of these electronic cigarettes I am. I have had a really great experience with them, and really appreciate how much of my life they have allowed me to take back from years of cigarette usage. Having been a smoker since the age of 17, means I have smoked for more than a decade. I was so ready to move on with my life, and start taking action in a more positive direction. I was really tired of feeling unhealthy, and I felt entirely weighed down in many areas of my life because of cigarettes. I was bothered by how much time I spent actually smoking. Smoking a pack a day literally takes time! I would have to stop what I was doing, head outdoors, smoke a whole cigarette; which isn’t a 30 second ordeal, finish it up, dispose of it, freshen up, and head back in. During work hours, this was a problem because it affects productivity. I had a hacking cough every morning when I woke up. My teeth were incurably yellowed. I was spending a fortune on smoking. While cigarettes can feel amazing, and are definitely a type of stress relief, they were creating too much stress for me in other areas!

Four months ago I decided to stop wasting my time and money and made the decision to try e-cigarettes. A lot of my friends have done so, and all with success. I had heard from a lot of people that EverSmoke was the best company to go with because of the construction. So I ordered myself the Basic Stater Kit, and the Full Flavored tobacco flavored cartridges. I really anticipated it’s arrival. When it was delivered, I set everything up, and tried it out. I loved it from the start! It was somewhat different than regular cigarettes, but it wasn’t an issue at all. I was very impressed by the vapor, and surprised how similar to smoke it is. Even though it isn’t hot, it is thick and you really feel it, taste, and then quickly feel the nicotine’s effects. So, 4 months ago I became a changed man, and have not had the need for a cigarette since. EverSmoke’s e-cigs really are fantastic, and I love being able to share my story with you all. For anyone who is curious, I would recommend these entirely. I had never used an e-cigarette before, and think these are a perfect alternative. Cheers!





Success Story: Leslie

We always love to get feedback from our customers, and when we receive letters of appreciation, like the lovely Leslie recently sent us, we are more than happy to share them with the rest of the EverSmoke community. Without further ado, here is Leslie’s testimonial:

At the end of February I decided that after 20 years of smoking enough was enough. I had been debating and thinking about quitting. But was very unsettled about how to make any kind of change. After trying several times to quit and trying other methods I was at a loss of what to do. The last time I did the cold turkey routine it lasted only a week. I heard about electronic cigarettes and saw them in the local stores but did not know very much so I went online, read reviews and looked aorund. I found a lot of information about Eversmoke and a lot of great testimonials from people. So  I placed my first order, the basic starter kit. Becuase really I did not want to invest a lot right off the bat only to find out it was not for me.

It has now been 1 month since I have placed my order. I have not somked a traditional cigarrette , and I am not craving one either . Thank you Eversmoke for a wonderful product. This has made such a huge change in not only my life. I no longer have to worry about the second hand smoke in my house , around my son and other members who are not smokers. People are even commenting on how my house no longer smells.

Leslie R. Butler

EverSmoke Success Story Of The Week: Desiree Bolvare

My name is Desiree Bolvare, and I wanted to share our EverSmoke success story with everyone.  My husband, Joe and I have both been smoking since high school, about 15 years. We have both talked over the years about quitting; we even tried the typical methods of patches and gum without any success.  We had been smokers for so long we really didn’t think we would really ever be able to quit.

A few months ago my sister and her husband made the switch to EverSmoke electronic cigarettes. I was very skeptical and even thought the concept of electronic cigarettes was funny.  I didn’t think they would be an effective way to quit smoking and were more of a novelty. Since my husband and I were going to try and start a family soon we figured, why not give them a try.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to smoke while I was pregnant and we both didn’t want our baby breathing in the toxic second-hand smoke.  My sister was already a devoted EverSmoke customer and was so excited for me to make the switch.

We purchased two basic electronic cigarette starter kits and both ordered the tobacco flavor cartridges.  We were so surprised the first time we used our e-cigs, they really did look, taste, and feel like the real thing!

It’s been two months since we threw our lighters and old cigarettes out.  We are amazed how we both feel healthier and how switching to EverSmoke e-cigarettes has impacted our lives.  Our home, car and clothes don’t smell like smoke, we even have noticed that our sense of taste is coming back.  I can’t express how incredible it is to finally know that I am not doing harm to my body every time I smoke.

My husband and I are now trying to start a family and already feel like we made a wise decision for our family’s future by giving up traditional cigarettes. We can’t even remember why we were so nervous about making the switch.  It was a big decision and ended up being one of the easiest things to do with EverSmoke.

Thank you to my big sister for introducing us to EverSmoke!

We are so happy to finally be living a healthy lifestyle and proud to be an EverSmoke success story!