E-Cigarette Regulations: No to Minors, Yes to Flavors

140422-electronic-cigarettes-jsw-04_8eaa9b924d080f19217b9f514bbc4ae2We have been hearing for a very long time that the FDA planned to begin regulations on electronic cigarettes, however they finally came through this past week. The industry was unsure of what regulations were going to be instituted, and what they were going to restrict specifically, as there were talks that claimed flavored liquids, age requirements, how companies marketed their products, and whether selling e-cigarettes online would continue.

Many users especially feared losing out on flavors they love, and have become used to in since switching from tobacco.

Well, last week US health officials announced that the impending FDA regulations were going to target minors, prohibiting sales of e-cigarette products as well as liquids to those who are underage. Nothing was mentioned regarding flavored liquids, to the pleasure of e-cigarette users and companies alike. Also of importance, no restrictions targeting companies selling e-cigarettes online, or targeting their marketing practices were part of the regulations.

Most electronic cigarette users, as well as companies agree that restricting minors from purchasing and using the products is an obvious necessity. Just like traditional cigarette products, they are not meant for consumption by those who are underage. Even before these regulations came into play, most e-cigarette companies began to implement measures to keep their products out of the hands of minors, including age verification on their websites and publishing disclaimers with the intent of making it clear their products were intended for adult use only.

This year, the entire electronic cigarette industry is expected to reach sales exceeding $2 billion, considering there are cities such as New York City that have strict bans on e-cigarettes, and their usage in public. Regardless, the popularity of cigarette alternatives continues to grow, and those who use and sell them could not be more satisfied with the federal regulations that have been set so far.