E-Cigs: A Whole Lot Cleaner

Do tobacco cigarettes seem dirty to you? With their pollution, and invasive, hazardous smoke, and the way they can be so easily addicting, and the way they are filled with more than 4000 different chemicals? If you smoke, these facts have got to be bothersome, and you’re most likely looking to get as far away from them as possible! Now if you are an electronic cigarette smoker, you’re probably thrilled to not be smoking cigarettes any longer, if you previously did. The bottom line is that tobacco is dirty, and tobacco cigarettes are even dirtier. Millions upon millions of deaths have happened because of them, and their effects.

Rather than smoke, when you puff on an electric cig, the exhale is vapor. The vapor is what carries the nicotine, and having a sizeable vapor is a major component of a e-cigarette’s effectiveness. You can smoke in anyone’s company; the elderly, around children, your non-smoking friends and coworkers, carpool partners, whoever, without creating a toxic environment with second smoke! If you’re considering them, an e-cigarette starter kit is a very good idea.

On the subject of cleanliness, e-cigs are also far greener of a product. Who isn’t trying to get healthier nowadays? Quitting smoking is a huge boost to anyone’s health, and the sooner you rid your body of tobacco the better you will be because of it. Commercial tobacco farming, which by the way is lessening constantly, has been known to use an embarrassing level of dangerous pesticides to keep their plants in line for production. These chemicals stay within the plant, and get incorporated into the cigarettes, which will then be smoked. All of those chemicals used in the farming are absorbed into the soil, which can generate runoff and pollute the surrounding areas on a large scale. This is a frightening concept that no one in the big tobacco industry is much interested in divulging much on. On a positive note, electronic cigarettes provide a simple solution for smokers to obtain nicotine, without the tobacco burden.

Above all, e-cigarettes are a far greener way to smoke, and get your nicotine. Non-polluting, not chemical-laden, and smoke-free make them better for everyone and for the planet!