The Best and Worst Hiding Places for Your E-Cigs

hiding an e-cigIs this really a topic we need to discuss?  Absolutely!  Maybe you have been enjoying your e-cig or are thinking of investing in one and other people may have a real curiosity about your purchase as well.

Therefore, we suggest you keep this most valued possession under lock and key.

Once you begin to enjoy vaping, we believe you will feel it is of extreme value as well.  It is priority for you to know where it is at all times but for others to not know!  This “others” can include adults, kids and even pets.

Best Places for Hiding

  • In a pillow case!  Why not?  It keeps dust and other particles off of your device.
  • In a hidden compartment in a doorway.  Possibly a closet door or a door that is not used by guests on a regular basis.  You can have one actually installed for an inexpensive price.
  • In a book on a bookshelf where there are tons of books but you find one that is hollowed out or is made to be used for storing a valuable.  They actually sell these if you are interested!
  • There are plenty of products you can buy to store your valuables such as a safe or a fake wall outlet.  Check out this website for super creative ideas of products to hide valuables such as your e-cig!
  • Look around your home and think of places that you can’t imagine anyone would look.  However, make it a place that is easy for you to get to when you are ready to enjoy your e-cig!

Worst Places for Hiding

  • Do not hide them low to the ground where a child or pet could possibly find it. You definitely want it in a position that is unreachable to a child even on a step stool.
  • Never put it in the freezer. The first reason for this is it will ruin your e-cig. Secondly, when you hide things, the freezer is a place that people may think to look. (you know, you’ve heard the old trick of  freezing  a credit card)
  • Do not store in your car on a regular basis where temperatures can get pretty hot, especially in the south. Plus, there are too many “snooping” type of people that like to search cars!
  • Just like any valuables including money or your grandmother’s special ring, don’t put your e-cig in hidden compartments behind pictures or posters. This is a place people would look first!
  • Last but not least, don’t hide your e-cig in a container that looks suspicious or stirs people’s curiosity where they may think “hmmm…what is in that container anyway!”

Not that you don’t want others to enjoy what you do but at the same time, it needs to be at your discretion.  We hope you have found these tips helpful and can begin to decide where the best place to stash your invaluable e-cig is!

If you are new to vaping or are considering what is the best e-cig for you to purchase, please check out our blog and knowledge center to help answer a variety of questions for you.