Nicotine Strength: How to Choose

Eversmoke-Starter-Kit1-e1336265414846There is much to be said about nicotine strength. It’s one of those fascinating, wonderful options about using electronic cigarettes that makes vaping really one-up the alternative.

For new users, knowing how to choose can be confusing and one of those questions that comes up a few times. To say it’s easy would not really be accurate, because in actuality, it all depends on the individual user.

One misconception is actual use. Heavy users may not prefer the strongest nicotine strength because part of smoking for them may be all about the act of vaping. Lesser levels may work out better. In other instances, lighter smokers may want heavier levels of nicotine because even though they choose to smoke less, they still want the same nicotine satisfaction without cravings, and vice versa.

With five different choices in electronic cigarette nicotine strength, having the ability to choose may seem rather daunting. Which will be the right one for your needs all depends on what you’re used to and what you want. As is the case with flavor, most people don’t just use one. When you have so many options, and no reason to always stick to the same old path, get creative and get experimental. How else are you going to find the best way to do it?

Don’t overlook the benefits of trying a few before settling on one!

The simplest guide to understanding nicotine strength is to compare. Nicotine is measured by the amount of nicotine per milliliter, and we offer five options. Here is a look at how each milligram level compares to traditional cigarettes:

Bold: 24mg, similar to the strongest cigarettes, and non-filtered cigarettes available.

Full-Flavored: 18mg, equivalent to most traditional types of cigarettes.

Light: 12mg, right along the lines of standard “lights.”

Ultra Light: 6mg, comparable to the strength of “ultra lights.”

No Nicotine: 0mg, just as the name states, these contain no nicotine, and they are available in all of our flavors.

While there are so many vast differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, we do our best to keep things similar and comfortable for smokers. Modern innovation is great, however we tailor our products to meet the needs of smokers, not inundate them with new concepts. So try some of our different nicotine cartridges, and see what it’s all about!