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Vaping: How to Make the Switch

For most people, deciding to quit smoking isn't really a difficult decision to make. We all know that we need to quit smoking in order to improve our health, but [...]

2 New VaporFi Tanks for Chuckin’ Clouds

So you’ve been vaping for a bit now, and you want to start chasing clouds do ya? While the device you’re using is important, sometimes people overlook another pivotal part [...]


The Dreaded Dry Puff

The dry puff is a dreaded phenomenon when you use an advanced vaporizer. It is an occurrence all vapors look to steer clear of, and avoid at all costs. Want [...]


Vaping Maintenance Cheat Sheet

Caring for your vape is a big deal, you need to take proper care of it if you want it to last any decent amount of time and give you [...]

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 11.04.58 AM

Talking About Titanium

The Titanium Tank is basically bliss, have you tried it yet? It is one of our very best tanks, and vapers have been raving about it since it was released. [...]

Single Coil or Dual Coils?

When it comes to advanced vaporizers and their accompanying accessories, one of the most common (yet confusing) terms that gets tossed around is “coils.” What coils refer to is the [...]

Customize Your Vape Pen

When vaping becomes more than just an alternative to tobacco smoking, and an option to control the way you smoke, you may become what’s known as a “vaper.” For some [...]

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