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Study: E-Cigs Not a Way to Quit Smoking

A study recently done and published by the journal, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine claims that only a mere 28% of smokers who use e-cigarettes actually end up quitting. Over the [...]


Refuting the Vape Haters

Life as a vaper… it can be filled with a continuous urge to roll one’s eyes when conversing on the subject of vapor smoking with the non-vaping population. You’ve probably [...]


The Reality of Vaping: The Facts

The media would have it otherwise, especially if you spent any amount of time reading mainstream news on the internet, however, vaping is doing amazing things out there in this [...]


Vaping: Less Addictive than Tobacco?

A recent study done by Penn State University in December 2014 found electronic cigarettes to be less addictive than traditional cigarettes. This is excellent news because it gives credit to [...]


7 Studies E-cig Haters Don’t Want People to See

A common problem raised about e-cigarettes is that there has been hardly any research conducted to know whether or not they are 100% safe. Well this isn’t entirely true… […]


5 Studies that the Anti-E-Cig Media Isn’t Discussing

When it comes to e-smoking, there’s a lot of controversy flying these days. Anyone who has vaped for any time period beyond the first experience, has experienced satisfaction, and has [...]

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