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VaporFi Caters to Advanced Vapers with More Battery Options

  Attention vape enthusiasts, VaporFi has designed the best removable 18650 battery in the game today! Our new High-Capacity 18650 battery is a killer cell with some jaw dropping specs [...]

Find It to Win It: 90ml of Vape Juice

#FindItToWinIt - Want to win this bundle for $1?! Our #FindItToWinIt item this week is our Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream, Bites and Slushie 90ml vape juice bundle. Experience a three pack [...]


Refuting the Vape Haters

Life as a vaper… it can be filled with a continuous urge to roll one’s eyes when conversing on the subject of vapor smoking with the non-vaping population. You’ve probably [...]


Nicotine, E-Cigarettes and Pregnancy

For several years now, the general population has been well aware of the negative effects that smoking has on pregnancy. Smoking while pregnant restricts oxygen flow to the fetus, increases [...]


Love Your Bod: The Vape Lifestyle Benefits a Healthy Lifestyle

Think vaping is just an alternate method to ditch tobacco with? Think again! By vaping, you are helping yourself live a better life, even if you never even thought about [...]


Study: E-Cigarettes Are 95% Less Harmful Than Traditional Cigarettes

Whoa, is this common sense we hear being reported? Is it for real that a major source of governance, a legitimate recognized health agency is promoting the benefits of electronic [...]


Tips to Make “The Switch”

Quitting cigarettes can be tough. Really tough. According to Boston Globe Media, it might be harder than ever to quit smoking cigarettes since companies are making them more dangerous than [...]


E-liquid Allergy or Withdrawal Symptoms?

You’re probably thinking, “I sure as heck hope that I’m not allergic to e-liquid!” Well first off, don’t worry.  While it’s a major bummer to have allergic-like reactions when vaping, [...]


7 Studies E-cig Haters Don’t Want People to See

A common problem raised about e-cigarettes is that there has been hardly any research conducted to know whether or not they are 100% safe. Well this isn’t entirely true… […]


It’s All About the Benefits! E-Cigs vs. Traditional

Let’s face it, most people make decisions based on what benefits them the most.  Choosing between two products tends to rely on weighing out the pros and cons to see which fits your lifestyle best.  In the case of cigarette smoking, many people today are realizing that there are countless benefits of choosing electronic smoking alternative over traditional cigarettes and they are deciding to make the switch to e-cigs. […]


Nicotine E-Liquid: Play it Safe

There’s a lot of discussion these days about nicotine. Nicotine e-liquid, to be exact, and it’s safety regarding those who should not be getting their hands on it. While nicotine [...]


Do E Cigs Increase Your Chances of Getting the Flu and Pneumonia?

The flu season is in full swing, and many people are bracing against the onslaught of illness by arming themselves with hand sanitizer and multi-vitamins. Despite such preventative measures, according to the CDC, “the flu remains widespread across most of the country and severity indicators are still high” as of February 6. […]

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