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5 Studies that the Anti-E-Cig Media Isn’t Discussing

When it comes to e-smoking, there’s a lot of controversy flying these days. Anyone who has vaped for any time period beyond the first experience, has experienced satisfaction, and has [...]


What Effect Can Vaping Have On Your Insurance Premiums?

Smokers have historically had higher insurance premiums than non-smokers. This fact did not change when the Affordable Care Act rolled out last year. The average smoker will pay up to double what a non-smoker will dole out for health insurance starting this year with the enactment of the “tobacco surcharge.” […]


Regaining You Senses by Switching to E-cigarettes

In addition to causing health conditions including cancer and heart disease, smoking tobacco cigarettes can affect our senses of smell and taste. Luckily, by switching to e-cigarettes, you can work to regain these senses. […]

Wishing You Healthful Holidays

Does the impending holiday season have you fretting over your bod? Scared that shopping and nonstop feasting on fatty foods is going to consume all of your time and you [...]

Real Talk: Why Smoking is Bad for Your Performance in the Bedroom

Vaping: The Better Alternative for Getting in the Mood Want just another reason to switch to vaping with mods over smoking cigarettes? Your sex life. Think being a [...]


Let’s Talk About Health

You are most likely aware of the endless negatives that come along with smoking, and surely that's part of your motivation in using electronic cigarettes. However, while e-cigs and APV's [...]

Dating & Vaping: Up Your Sex Appeal

Does vaping make one sexier? While that may seem like a pretentious, perhaps odd question, there is a great case to be made about vapers being much more attractive than [...]

Smoking and Your Sex Life

Tobacco companies like to portray their products as cool and sexy, giving the impression that smoking makes you sexy too. But as many of us already know, in reality smoking cigarettes is actually one of the worst habits for maintaining a healthy sex life. […]

Setting the Story Straight about the Connection between MRSA and Vapor Cigarettes

Recently a story began circulating about a research study involving a link between vapor cigarettes and MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus)—a strain of Staphylococcus Aureus that is highly resistant to most treatment methods available. The stories conclude that the act of vaping makes MRSA more virulent. While this may sound scary to those in the vaping community, many of these articles leave out that a person needs to have MRSA already and that the act of vaping alone does not cause the illness. Rather than the act of vaping making MRSA more virulent, other researchers have concluded that it may be the fault of nicotine. Nicotine is a known anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. Both of these properties have the ability to suppress a user’s immune system. Therefore, both the nicotine found in tobacco and vapor cigarettes may have this potential. As of now, not enough research has been completed in order to make this claim definitively. One reason why e-cigarettes may be getting the worst of these claims is that vapers have the potential to inhale two to 20 times more vapor (thus nicotine) than traditional smokers do. This leads to a dramatic increase in the intake of nicotine. Vapor Cigarettes DO NOT CAUSE MRSA While using an e-cigarette may be a catalyst that makes MRSA more resistant, it is a huge leap to say that vaping causes MRSA. You will not contract the pathogen by vaping – however, if you already have MRSA, there is a potential that it can become more resistant to treatment. In fact, while many publications will not include it, tobacco smoke makes MRSA even more drug resistant. In fact, in a study, 30% more mice died of pneumonia when exposed to tobacco smoke than from vapor. Preventing MRSA MRSA is a nasty disease – therefore, regardless of whether you vape or smoke, you should take care to prevent it. MRSA can be contracted through simple touch, so employ the same precautions you take to avoid the common cold. This may be more difficult because someone infected with MRSA may show no signs of infection. The best course of action is to treat anyone as though s/he have MRSA. The following steps can help you decrease your risk. Thoroughly clean your vapor cigarette with rubbing alcohol if anyone touches it. Don’t forget to clean your e-cigarette, mouthpiece and the inside of your tank with rubbing alcohol in between refills. […]

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