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How to Explain Vaping

45343065_zps311b5865-1If you sometimes get tongue-tied, or want to know the best ways to explain your e-cig or vaporizer, here is how to handle the many questions and misconceptions that come your way, and how to explain your device to those less experienced.

Q: What is that thing you’re smoking?

A: It’s an electronic cigarette/ e-cig/ tobacco-free cigarette/ personal vaporizer/ [insert your preferred name for your device]. It works with a nicotine liquid solution, has a battery for power, and creates a vaporized hit.

Q: So what does it do?

A:  It’s a way to smoke and still get nicotine without tobacco, smoke, and traditional cigarettes.

Q: Why do you use that thing? It looks pricey, is it?

A: It creates a very satisfying experience, allows me to smoke in public without sharing my second hand smoke with you, and no, it’ isn’t pricey. In fact, it’s less expensive than cigarettes are by a long shot.

Q: How does it feel? Do you really like it, or are you just desperate to quit smoking?

A: It feels really, really good! And yes, I like it very much and would not use it if it didn’t. It’s not a means to “quit smoking,” so much as an alternative to have nicotine in a different manner, without the smell, and problems of smoke.

Q: Does it taste nice?

A: Yes, and there are so many different flavor options so it’s more enjoyable than regular cigarettes.

Q: Your e-cig looks different than others I have seen; it’s so big and fancy looking! Why is that?

A: Vaporizers and basic e-cigs do similar things, but in a different format; like the difference between wearing flip flops or running shoes. Vaporizers offer more power, more performance, and a more advanced experience. E-cigs give you the basics, a slim body, and a similar design to a traditional cigarette.

So how do you handle it when people start interrogating you about your e-cig? Do you ever get odd questions from your non-vaping friends? Do you ever come across people, both in your personal life as well as acquaintances, passersby, and random people anywhere who are both curious and totally in the dark about your e-cigarettes? Do you ever feel like a walking vapor spokesperson? If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions, we want to let you know that you’re not alone. In fact, quite the opposite! Anyone who vapes publicly and openly knows this feeling and will agree that they feel the same, and have to deal with much of the same!


VapeFest 2013: E-Cig Users Unite!

NYCVapefestVapeFest 2013 has officially been announced!

On September 20 and 21, (Friday and Saturday) the annual e-cigarette convention will descend upon Las Vegas’ Flamingo Hotel. Expected to be a part of the endeavor will be more than 50 electronic cigarette companies and vaping media tables.

Adults over the age of 18 are welcome; so expect plenty of free samples, giveaways, unveiling of new products and product demos!

VapeFest began in 2010, and has gotten bigger each year since, with thousands of e-smokers attending. This year’s convention is expected to have an equally exuberant turnout, with exciting events like a raffle with high-ticket prizes, scientific workshops, and many information sessions.

Aside from the excitement and fun of mingling with other vapers, the true purpose behind this event is to raise funds towards research and offer a greater presence of wide scale electronic cigarette education. Promoting research and education is huge to the industry, and will help further knowledge to keep users and legislators informed accurately. Events such as VapeFest focus on the positivity, and they enable many to come together for the movement.

Electronic cigarettes are very much beyond the fad-phase. They have solidified their presence in mainstream culture, attained a vast celebrity following, and have become such a lifestyle icon that users are happy to get together, in mass quantities to hang out and vape collectively. These very same vapers are also passionate about the movement and spreading the word about how much these products can benefit the lives of smokers.

Electronic cigarette users are thrilled to use them, and using them often becomes a hobby for many. They are unlike any other products in the tobacco category, as you’d never see cigarette, or even nicotine patch users meeting up to discuss the future of the industry and check out new products together! This is just a sliver of the reasoning as to why this industry is expanding and booming as it does so.

So all vapers, take note: get to Vegas on September 20, hit up the Flamingo Hotel, and see what’s shaking in the in smokeless cigarette industry!