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Companies Charging Employees Who Smoke Increased Health Insurance Premiums

These days, there is a cost attached to everything. If you smoke cigarettes, you are surely well aware of the continuously rising costs that take their toll on your wallet. As the economy continues to struggle to rebound, and businesses continue to assess their spending, many are changing the way they provide health insurance benefits to their employees. Right now, it is a major trend for many companies to charge higher premiums of health insurance to employees who smoke. While this may seem unfair and undue, it is entirely realistic. Facts are facts, and smokers as a population are less healthy than those who do not smoke. This leads to more chronic illnesses, complications, and often many life-threatening, serious diseases, which have enormous costs due to medication and hospitalizations. In the end, someone has to pay for it, and if you smoke, that may very well be you!

Sacrificing your health insurance is definitely not the smartest thing to do, even if you are overwhelmed by the increased costs because you are a smoker. Did you know that swapping your old fashioned cigarettes for e-cigarettes may be a great alternative if you are in this position? By going smokeless, you can avoid all of the negatives associated with tobacco cigs, including the detrimental toll that they take on your well-being. Switching to electronic cigarettes allows you to alleviate all of the really awful elements of tobacco cigarettes, including all of the unnecessary, harmful chemicals as well as the putrid smoke. Electronic cigarette starter kits are the greatest way to make the switch from tobacco to smokeless.

When you really look at the big picture, e-cigarettes are a much more intelligent way to smoke. You don’t compromise your health, you can reduce your health insurance premium, and you can save a huge amount of money with reusable, smokeless cigarettes! Don’t allow yourself to pay more than you need to for anything, either with your money, or your health!

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California Landlords Can Ban Smoking in Buildings

As a smoker in the United States, you are faced with many obstacles when it comes to where and when you can smoke. In most States, all public buildings, bars, restaurants, public transportation, and enclosed shopping areas are off-limits when you want to light up. Did you know that in California, a law was recently passed that allows landlords the power to dictate where you can smoke on their property, if anywhere at all?

Becoming more common, landlords are banning their tenants from smoking inside their buildings. While it may seem unjustified, California is a state with major restrictions on flammable circumstances. Wildfires threaten the state yearly, and many lives, and billions of dollars worth in property is lost as a result. This latest measure, while it may cause inconveniences, is definitely a wise decision.

Another reason landlords don’t want smoking inside their buildings is that tobacco smoke has the repulsive tendency of staining walls. It can also penetrate carpets with their foul odor, which can be nearly impossible to remove. It makes complete sense that landlords wouldn’t want their property marred by something as avoidable as cigarette smoke. Many residents in multifamily apartment buildings highly prefer non-smoking dwellings. There has been a continuous rise in people voicing the desire to not be exposed to the second hand smoke of neighbors in such close quarters.

For smokers, electronic cigarettes present a myriad of freedom, and if you aren’t smoking them, you may want to think about trying them. They look, feel, and taste like an ordinary cigarette, yet they come with none of the baggage. Electronic cigarette starter kits from EverSmoke make using e-cigarettes a breeze. They are the ultimate in convenience, providing a satisfying smoking experience without the smoke, tobacco, tar, and ash. You see, with e-cigs, the “smoke” swirling upon every puff isn’t smoke at all; it’s harmless water vapor. The “flame” is merely the EverSmoke signature glowing orange LED crystal that lights upon inhaling. The cartridges are filled with a nicotine solution, and you have the option nicotine strength and many delectable flavors.

So while tobacco smokers in Cali may be sweating, if you’re smoking electronic cigarettes you know that you won’t be bothering your landlord or neighbors. In fact, you already know that you have the freedom to smoke your e-cigs anywhere you wish!

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5 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Quit Smoking

Most of the smokers I know are looking to quit. With nothing but negatives, tobacco cigarettes damage your health and your income. It isn’t easy, and many people spend many years, and many thousands of dollars on products in attempts to quit, often with failed results. This year, if your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking, you should consider instead switching to electronic cigarettes. Here are five tips to help you keep that resolution, and once and for all!

1. Set goals and focus. If your goal is to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, focus on all the positives that will come into your life by fulfilling this. Focus on all the ways you can make this happen. Picture yourself doing it!

2. Kill two birds with one stone: get the tobacco out of your life, and switch to e-cigs. Electronic cigarette starter kits are a fabulous way to do this, as well as the easiest. They come with everything you’ll need to start, and provide you with an alternative so much like the real thing sans the evil tobacco smoke.

3. Keep a journal, and mark your progress with dates. This will also allow you to maintain focus and offer you concrete evidence on how well you’re doing. Dates are also great for keeping you on track because they give you an idea of how you are doing, and guide you towards making your resolution a total reality within a specific time frame.

4. Be Motivated! Imagine all the health benefits of not breathing in carcinogenic smoke all the time. Your health is priceless, and no matter what obstacles come along, your health is your anchor and your freedom. Quitting smoking traditional cigarettes means you’ll have more of yourself, to yourself! If you plan on exercising, your lungs will have greater capacity to hold more air, making cardio much easier. You will probably get sick less often, and when you do, your symptoms will most likely be milder than when you smoked.

5. Analyze your barriers, and what can you do to overcome them. Ask yourself: “What is preventing me from making this goal a reality?” If nicotine is what you crave, EverSmoke electronic cigarettes can offer it, without the unnecessary smoke, tar and ash. If you enjoy the feeling of puffing a cigarette, again, e-cigarettes can provide the same enjoyment without the chemicals.

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EverSmoke Success Story Of The Week: Desiree Bolvare

My name is Desiree Bolvare, and I wanted to share our EverSmoke success story with everyone.  My husband, Joe and I have both been smoking since high school, about 15 years. We have both talked over the years about quitting; we even tried the typical methods of patches and gum without any success.  We had been smokers for so long we really didn’t think we would really ever be able to quit.

A few months ago my sister and her husband made the switch to EverSmoke electronic cigarettes. I was very skeptical and even thought the concept of electronic cigarettes was funny.  I didn’t think they would be an effective way to quit smoking and were more of a novelty. Since my husband and I were going to try and start a family soon we figured, why not give them a try.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to smoke while I was pregnant and we both didn’t want our baby breathing in the toxic second-hand smoke.  My sister was already a devoted EverSmoke customer and was so excited for me to make the switch.

We purchased two basic electronic cigarette starter kits and both ordered the tobacco flavor cartridges.  We were so surprised the first time we used our e-cigs, they really did look, taste, and feel like the real thing!

It’s been two months since we threw our lighters and old cigarettes out.  We are amazed how we both feel healthier and how switching to EverSmoke e-cigarettes has impacted our lives.  Our home, car and clothes don’t smell like smoke, we even have noticed that our sense of taste is coming back.  I can’t express how incredible it is to finally know that I am not doing harm to my body every time I smoke.

My husband and I are now trying to start a family and already feel like we made a wise decision for our family’s future by giving up traditional cigarettes. We can’t even remember why we were so nervous about making the switch.  It was a big decision and ended up being one of the easiest things to do with EverSmoke.

Thank you to my big sister for introducing us to EverSmoke!

We are so happy to finally be living a healthy lifestyle and proud to be an EverSmoke success story!

Electronic Cigarettes Make The Perfect Gift

The holidays are all about celebrating and spending time with loved ones. This is also a great time to show the special people in your life how much you care by giving them the perfect, well thought out gift. If you have any friends or family in your life who enjoy smoking, you should consider getting them a electronic cigarette starter kit.

Here are a few reasons why e-cigs make good holiday gifts. If you have a smoker that you care about, you would probably love to see them switch to a healthier alternative than traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes produce no smoke, tar, ash, and are odorless. The freedom to smoke wherever and whenever you want can be a liberating feeling. Imagine how much more enjoyable gatherings and parties would be if your favorite smoker didn’t have to leave the room or go outside to smoke a cigarette. Since electronic cigarettes produce no second hand smoke and no odor, even the most discerning non-smokers won’t be offended.

With all the great flavor choices that EverSmoke cartridges are available in, you will be sure to find one that will please everyone. A holiday favorite is Peppermint Party and is available in all levels of nicotine strength. Think of how much money your gift will also help them save. People who make the switch to electronic cigarettes save a substantial amount of money…they will be thanking you for helping them make the better choice of smoking every time they look at their bank account. EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are safe and provide a realistic, enjoyable smoking experience. That’s why EverSmoke’s electronic cigarettes are the perfect gift for this holiday season.

Give the priceless gift of health this season and free your loved ones from the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes with a gift of electronic cigarettes.

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