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Rest Easy Vapers – Sen Johnson’s Got Our Backs!

We all wondered what the future of vaping would look like under a Trump presidency, and it seems as though we can rest a little easier about it, all thanks [...]

Find It to Win It: 90ml of Vape Juice

#FindItToWinIt - Want to win this bundle for $1?! Our #FindItToWinIt item this week is our Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream, Bites and Slushie 90ml vape juice bundle. Experience a three pack [...]

5 Reasons VaporFi is Awesome

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What Other Everyday Products Contain PG (Propylene Glycol)?

If you are new to the idea of vaping or considering becoming a digital cig user, you may be unfamiliar with the term “propylene glycol” (better known as PG to vapers).  PG is one of four ingredients in digital cigarette e-juice, along with water, flavorings and nicotine.  This ingredient plays an important part of intensifying your tasty vaping experience and is responsible for what we call the throat hit. […]


TIME Magazine: A Little Biased, Are We?

Wasn’t there a time when TIME magazine stood for something real? Like the facts? Like reality? Like a journalistic commentary on issues that were based on fact, and not on [...]


7 Studies E-cig Haters Don’t Want People to See

A common problem raised about e-cigarettes is that there has been hardly any research conducted to know whether or not they are 100% safe. Well this isn’t entirely true… […]


The Connection between NY’s Problem with Cigarette Smuggling and Proposed E-Cigarette Taxes

As if consuming fewer harmful chemicals was not enough incentive to make the switch to vaporizer cigarettes, then the increased taxation on tobacco should be. Federal and local taxes on tobacco have gotten so high that in some places that cigarette smuggling in certain states, like New York, has reached an all-time high. […]

E-Cigarette Explosions Highlight Need to be Cautious of Modified Devices

In the last few months, there have been several news stories about e-cigarette malfunctions and explosions in California. One man, Chris Brookins of Santa Ana, suffered face burns when the [...]


Two States Looking to Increase Legal Smoking Age to 21

According to the American Lung Association, 90 percent of smokers pick up their habit by the time they reach age 18. In an effort to reduce the number of adolescent smokers, two states are currently working to raise the legal smoking age to 21. […]


Am I Allergic to My E-Cig?

Are you experiencing symptoms that make you think you may be having an allergic reaction to your e-cig?  You may be new to vaping, or perhaps you‘ve been vaping for quite some time and have just recently begun to have issues. […]


7 Tips to Prolong Your E-Cigs Battery Life

We‘ve sure come a long way from having to use those expensive disposable batteries in the first generation electronic cigarettes!  The rechargeable lithium ion batteries that now comes standard with second and third generation devices are amazing and have advanced the technology behind vaping by leaps and bounds. […]


California, What is Going On?!

Regulations can be a good thing, but sometimes when it comes to progress, we have the unfortunate situation of taking two steps forward, and one step back. And in this, [...]

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