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When it comes to Vapor cigarettes, Misinformation can be More Damaging than Facts

Information about e-cigarette USBs possibly containing malware more damaging to the reputation of vapor cigarettes than the malware itself […]


Diacetyl… Dia-What?!

Ever wonder what's in your e-liquid? Like, besides the obvious PG and VG bases, what else is submerged in that clear suspension? Well, one substance you may or may not [...]


Regaining You Senses by Switching to E-cigarettes

In addition to causing health conditions including cancer and heart disease, smoking tobacco cigarettes can affect our senses of smell and taste. Luckily, by switching to e-cigarettes, you can work to regain these senses. […]

Express Yourself

Our thing may be all about perfecting the art of the vaporizer, and elevating the concept of vaping design, however, we are also totally in tune with our customers' needs. [...]


Party on with your Vape on!

Do you remember how back in the day smoking was such a frustrating part of going out and partying? Remember how you had to take a step outside to have [...]


Have an Extra Digital Cigarette Laying Around, Why not make a Vape ‘O Lantern

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start contemplating carving your annual Jack ‘O Lantern. With a little ingenuity and an extra digital cigarette, you can turn your Jack ‘O Lantern into a miniature smoke machine. […]


Popularity of Digital Cigarettes is leading to New Challenges for Employers

In recent months, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been working to crack down on unregulated digital cigarettes. The problem is though all of this is still in its [...]


Bill Will Allow the Sale of E-Cigarettes to Inmates

A new bill was introduced in Raleigh, N.C. that would allow jails throughout the state to sell e-cigarettes to inmates. The only step remaining is for Governor Pat McCrory to sign the bill into law. There are currently a number of jails across the state that permits inmates to purchase e-cigarettes. This cuts down on the risk of fire and the risk of secondhand smoke to other inmates. […]

Regulation Issues Facing the Electronic Cigarette Industry

Electronic cigarettes, although believed to be much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, face many forms of regulation in all levels of government.  The ever popular vaping generation can expect various [...]

“Vape” Added to Oxford Dictionary

If you follow our blog much, you know that we like to post pieces aimed at improving your vaping enjoyment and keeping you in the loop—for instance, troubleshooting tips, how to’s and the latest research on digital cigs from around the world. But occasionally we come across a story that isn’t necessarily “useful” or “informative”— it’s just cool. […]

E-Cigs Heavily Marketed On Twitter

Electric cigarettes are commonly advertised on social media sites like Twitter. The messages (i.e. tweets) often link to commercial websites that promote vaping and e-cig use. A recent study, published in the journal Tobacco Control, implicates future FDA regulations will include the marketing of electric cigarettes and related products. […]

Smoking and Your Sex Life

Tobacco companies like to portray their products as cool and sexy, giving the impression that smoking makes you sexy too. But as many of us already know, in reality smoking cigarettes is actually one of the worst habits for maintaining a healthy sex life. […]

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