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Got H20? Drink Water While You Vape This Summer

We’re in the throes of summer and nearly everyone seems to be feeling the heat. Especially down here in sunny South Florida, we’ve had countless vapers rush into our cool store locations eager to escape from the sun for a few minutes as they restock on their vaping supplies. One major health concern that always crops up this time a year is dehydration. With temperatures reaching record highs, it is all too easy to fall short in replenishing the fluids your body needs—especially when first starting out vaping. You lose water every day from urine, perspiration, breathing, digestion, etc. Vaping is another activity that can be added to this list. In order to function properly, your body must replenish its water supply regularly through the consumption of foods or beverages that contain H2O. Not all vapers experience the same symptoms, but it is particularly common for beginning e-cig users to get dehydrated as their body is introduced to PG/VG e-liquid. This can lead to dry mouth, itchy skin, fatigue, taste bud burnout (called “vaper’s tongue) and other side effects. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: drink more water! So how much water should the average adult drink per day? Here’s what health experts have to say: The human body is 50-75% water. Adult men are typically around 60% water, while the average adult woman is about 55% because they naturally have more fatty tissue than men. Infants are the highest percentage at about 78% water. (www.water.usgs.gov) […]

Great Products and Great Opportunities

South Florida’s own Vapor Zone announces competitive e-cig franchise opportunities In the seven years that the e-cigarette industry has been on the scene in the United States, the industry has [...]

Which Coil Configuration is Best: Single or Dual?

The topic of single coil vs. dual coil technology in e-cigarettes doesn’t get discussed enough. People tend to get caught up with the many other features of an e-cig—like e-juice [...]

Setting the Story Straight about the Connection between MRSA and Vapor Cigarettes

Recently a story began circulating about a research study involving a link between vapor cigarettes and MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus)—a strain of Staphylococcus Aureus that is highly resistant to most treatment methods available. The stories conclude that the act of vaping makes MRSA more virulent. While this may sound scary to those in the vaping community, many of these articles leave out that a person needs to have MRSA already and that the act of vaping alone does not cause the illness. Rather than the act of vaping making MRSA more virulent, other researchers have concluded that it may be the fault of nicotine. Nicotine is a known anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. Both of these properties have the ability to suppress a user’s immune system. Therefore, both the nicotine found in tobacco and vapor cigarettes may have this potential. As of now, not enough research has been completed in order to make this claim definitively. One reason why e-cigarettes may be getting the worst of these claims is that vapers have the potential to inhale two to 20 times more vapor (thus nicotine) than traditional smokers do. This leads to a dramatic increase in the intake of nicotine. Vapor Cigarettes DO NOT CAUSE MRSA While using an e-cigarette may be a catalyst that makes MRSA more resistant, it is a huge leap to say that vaping causes MRSA. You will not contract the pathogen by vaping – however, if you already have MRSA, there is a potential that it can become more resistant to treatment. In fact, while many publications will not include it, tobacco smoke makes MRSA even more drug resistant. In fact, in a study, 30% more mice died of pneumonia when exposed to tobacco smoke than from vapor. Preventing MRSA MRSA is a nasty disease – therefore, regardless of whether you vape or smoke, you should take care to prevent it. MRSA can be contracted through simple touch, so employ the same precautions you take to avoid the common cold. This may be more difficult because someone infected with MRSA may show no signs of infection. The best course of action is to treat anyone as though s/he have MRSA. The following steps can help you decrease your risk. Thoroughly clean your vapor cigarette with rubbing alcohol if anyone touches it. Don’t forget to clean your e-cigarette, mouthpiece and the inside of your tank with rubbing alcohol in between refills. […]

Big Tobacco Stand behind Scientists against WHO

Even as the WHO wants to reclassify digital cigarettes as tobacco products, big tobacco companies stand behind scientists who disagree with the reclassification […]

So the World Vapor Expo Happened…

The World Vapor Expo happened last weekend in Miami Beach, and if you are an enthusiastic vaper, it was an event not to be missed! Taking over the Miami Beach [...]

Do’s & Don’ts of Vaping

When it comes to electronic smoking, there are some things that are obvious, and others that are definite don’ts. Here are some of the different do’s and don’ts of vaping, [...]


The Word is Out on E-Cigarette Regulations

The wide ranging talks of e-cigarette regulations had been ongoing for many months, and last week the FDA finally announced what the regulations would actually entail. Users and companies alike [...]

Loyalty Pays!

Ready for an exciting announcement? We are about to give you even greater incentive to being a customer, and we want to see every dollar you spend go as far [...]

6 Awesome Reasons You Should Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

How are e-cigarettes better than tobacco cigs?  Oh, let me count the ways... More smokers continue to make the switch. We've got 6 solid reasons why you should make the [...]

Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

E-cigarettes and St. Patrick’s Day go together almost as perfectly as Jameson and a chaser of Guinness! Maybe not in the time-tested category, but certainly in the modern-day, hanging out [...]


Smokeless Cigarettes In The Workplace: Amending Your Company’s Smoking Policy

  Shayna Balch, a partner at Fisher & Phillips LLP, wrote an interesting article about smokeless cigarettes in the workplace. The acceptance of e-cigs has become a touchy issue for most workers and their employers because the jury is still out on the health effects of vapor smoking. Balch offers four ways employers can manage the use of these revolutionary devices at the workplace: Learn what smokeless cigarettes are. Smokeless, or electronic, cigarettes are battery-operated devices that deliver nicotine without producing smoke. The user inhales flavored nicotine vapor and exhales like they would a traditional cigarette. The difference is that there is no secondhand smoke, odor, or tar as with traditional cigarettes. […]

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