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How to Set Up a Vape Bar for Your Next Party

Have a big party coming up? You're probably looking for ways to make your next event memorable for your friends and family. This year, the idea of creating your very [...]


Big Brother Is Watching: Could Facebook Be Censoring Pro-Vape Articles?

With vapor becoming such a prevalent part of people's lives today, you may have noticed that Facebook is remarkably free of any vapor oriented advertising or news. Why is that? [...]

5 Reasons VaporFi is Awesome

You Probably Didn’t Know This About Us

UK Study Brings Even More Good News For Vape Community

The very first organization to uncover the harms of smoking cigarettes in 1962, before the US Surgeon had ever put out his report, the Royal College of Physicians is now [...]


E-Cigarettes Being Used for Vaping Synthetic Drugs

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular among those who are sick and tired of puffing on the same old tobacco cigarettes and being exposed to harmful chemicals. While many [...]


* Cough * Do You Have A Sore Throat After Vaping? * Cough, Cough *

Learning to vape is like learning to tend a delicate garden... Too much? Okay, maybe. But like anything good in life, there’s a learning curve to really get it right. [...]


Nicotine, E-Cigarettes and Pregnancy

For several years now, the general population has been well aware of the negative effects that smoking has on pregnancy. Smoking while pregnant restricts oxygen flow to the fetus, increases [...]


Why be a Dual User?

“Dual user” is the title given to those who choose to supplement their e-cigarette smoking with traditional cigarettes. This practice is more common than you might think, with 3 out [...]


Just Like Momma Told You: The How and Why of a Clean Vaporizer

Without trying to sound like an overbearing parent who’s visiting your home for the weekend, you should really clean more. Yes, clean your bathroom more, maybe, but definitely your vaporizer [...]


Tips to Make “The Switch”

Quitting cigarettes can be tough. Really tough. According to Boston Globe Media, it might be harder than ever to quit smoking cigarettes since companies are making them more dangerous than [...]


New Zealand Considers Making E-cigarettes Only Available in Pharmacies

The New Zealand government is considering limiting the sale of e-cigarettes strictly to pharmacies. Opponents of medical controls feel that this would keep people from being able to access e-cigarettes, [...]


New Study Finds E-cigs Are Not a “Gateway” to Smoking for Teens

We all know that e-cigs get a bad rap sometimes. Many people have raised concerns that the flavorful nicotine e-liquid is simply the first step on the way to smoking. However, new research may prove otherwise. […]

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