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Are You A Vape Jerk?

So you think you're the cool kind of vaper that everyone likes, eh? Take our quiz now and find out the truth! Don't forget to subscribe for weekly deals from [...]


Meet Ron Johnson: The Politician Who’s Fighting For Your Right to Vape

  In a year when so many vapers are disappointed with their local and state representatives for not taking the time to learn about how vaping affects them, Ron Johnson [...]


Eversmoke Brand to Transition to VaporFi Brand

For years, Eversmoke e-cigarettes have been a leading name in the industry. They were among the first companies to introduce large scale manufacturing and distribution for entry level e-cigarettes, as [...]

5 Reasons VaporFi is Awesome

You Probably Didn’t Know This About Us


VaporFi E-Liquids: No Diacetyl Here!

While the world is still talking about e-cigarettes and their link to popcorn lung… This news story broke earlier this week, discussing a study done by Harvard University, supposedly linking [...]


VaporFi is Sponsoring Brandon Girtz in Bellator 146!

Y’all ready for some exciting Bellator MMA action? You should be! On November 20 VaporFi will be sponsoring fighter Brandon Girtz in his upcoming fight with Derek Campos, and it’s gonna [...]


Wear Your Vape Pride

Wanna look your best and strut your #VapePride everywhere you go? Wanna show the world just how dope your style is, while representing the hottest vapor brand out there? Get [...]


Republicans Suggest Softer E-Cigarette Regulations

At a time when most discussions surrounding e-cigarettes involves tightening regulations (or the lack thereof), House Republicans have discussed possibly easing the proposed regulations to be levied on e-cigarette retailers. Democrats have responded that these measure could be dangerous as it could allow poor quality and unsafe e-cigarettes to be sold in the U.S. […]


Sometimes You Just Gotta Express Yourself!

Our brand focuses on the very best offerings the e-cigarette market has to offer. The very nature of our brand is comprised of the best products, the most versatile selection, [...]


Fort Lauderdale Peeps: Come Celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary!

This is a shoutout to all of our awesome Fort Lauderdale peeps! We could not be more excited to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our Fort Lauderdale location. And [...]


VaporFi Reviews

So you’re looking around for some reputable feedback on e-cigarettes and vaporizers. You browse, you research, and are finding it really difficult to find exactly the kind of info you [...]


Franchise with VaporFi

Ever thought about owning your own e-cig or vape shop? Well, we’ve got the perfect formula if you’re looking to make that dream a reality. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial [...]

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