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VaporFi Caters to Advanced Vapers with More Battery Options

  Attention vape enthusiasts, VaporFi has designed the best removable 18650 battery in the game today! Our new High-Capacity 18650 battery is a killer cell with some jaw dropping specs [...]


Eversmoke Brand to Transition to VaporFi Brand

For years, Eversmoke e-cigarettes have been a leading name in the industry. They were among the first companies to introduce large scale manufacturing and distribution for entry level e-cigarettes, as [...]


E-Cigarettes Being Used for Vaping Synthetic Drugs

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular among those who are sick and tired of puffing on the same old tobacco cigarettes and being exposed to harmful chemicals. While many [...]


New Study Finds E-cigs Are Not a “Gateway” to Smoking for Teens

We all know that e-cigs get a bad rap sometimes. Many people have raised concerns that the flavorful nicotine e-liquid is simply the first step on the way to smoking. However, new research may prove otherwise. […]

‘Vape’ is Crowned King of the Words for 2014

Have you heard the word? The word ‘vape’, that is. Apparently vape has been chosen as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2014! […]


Tips on Getting a Satisfying Throat Hit!

Maybe you have been an vaporizer cigarette smoker for quite some time and understand the term throat hit and why it is so important.  Perhaps, you are new to this vaping experience and don’t really understand what a throat hit is. It sounds kinda painful, huh? […]


Popularity of Digital Cigarettes is leading to New Challenges for Employers

In recent months, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been working to crack down on unregulated digital cigarettes. The problem is though all of this is still in its [...]

Next Up for Vaporizer Cigarette Regulations: Childproof E-liquid Packaging

Regardless if you’re using a cigarette look-a-like or a more advanced vaporizer cigarette, all e-cigs contain liquid nicotine or e-liquid. E-liquid is either stored in small plastic containers that make it easy for vapers to refill their devices, or comes in pre-filled cartridges. This design however can also make them easy to misplace and fall into the wrong hands. […]

What’s Amazing About VZ Locations

Purchasing your personal vaporizers and e-cigarettes online is great; nothing beats shopping in your underwear and the instant gratification of buying things at the click of the mouse. Yet when [...]

Cigarettes and Your Senses: It’s Not a Good Combo

You know about all the horrendous things smoking causes; like cancer, rotted teeth, heart disease, and emphysema, however are you aware of the more minute effects such as how tobacco [...]

Got H20? Drink Water While You Vape This Summer

We’re in the throes of summer and nearly everyone seems to be feeling the heat. Especially down here in sunny South Florida, we’ve had countless vapers rush into our cool store locations eager to escape from the sun for a few minutes as they restock on their vaping supplies. One major health concern that always crops up this time a year is dehydration. With temperatures reaching record highs, it is all too easy to fall short in replenishing the fluids your body needs—especially when first starting out vaping. You lose water every day from urine, perspiration, breathing, digestion, etc. Vaping is another activity that can be added to this list. In order to function properly, your body must replenish its water supply regularly through the consumption of foods or beverages that contain H2O. Not all vapers experience the same symptoms, but it is particularly common for beginning e-cig users to get dehydrated as their body is introduced to PG/VG e-liquid. This can lead to dry mouth, itchy skin, fatigue, taste bud burnout (called “vaper’s tongue) and other side effects. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: drink more water! So how much water should the average adult drink per day? Here’s what health experts have to say: The human body is 50-75% water. Adult men are typically around 60% water, while the average adult woman is about 55% because they naturally have more fatty tissue than men. Infants are the highest percentage at about 78% water. (www.water.usgs.gov) […]

E-Smoking Market Changing: Look-a-Likes Out, Personal Vaporizers In

According to recent report by the investment news outlet Motley Fool, the e-cig look-a-like model seems to be falling out favor with consumers. Manufacturing giants Altria, Reynolds American and Lorillard have seized nearly 50% of the market in the last two years, but for these companies e-smoking sales are coming under pressure as first quarter earnings fell. […]

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